Patience to carry out the work

Patience to carry out the work. (A note from Patty)

I am a missionary wife in my city, Santa Marta, and in this role I have struggled with multitudes of events during my time in ministry. Each of these events in my life has helped me to grow spiritually, and many times I have seen how God has tried again and again to change some of my weaknesses and negative issues that are concentrated in my soul.

The first and greatest has been patience, which I have often lost because of my notorious way of finishing everything in detail. When I received the call to carry the gospel to my city, I was single and I worked in a packaging manufacturing company in Bogota. When I asked the Lord about His willingness to send me to Santa Marta, He answered in due time. A year later, the company failed, and the owner had many commitments. This was the beginning for me to understand what God wanted from me. A few months later, I went to my city to take the word of God, especially to my family (under the blessing of the church in Bogotá). There was a great revival in the city because many people received Christ. We had weekly study and preaching meetings for more than 30 people and more than 30 children. While working secularly and in the work, I asked the Lord to send workers to the work.

But the opposite happened; God made me go back to Bogota. There I was taught patience. My wish was to return soon, but it was not possible. God sent a special gringo into my life, and I glimpsed what God wanted for me. Glenn was also called to the work. This is how the will of God brought together two people to complete His work (God answered my prayer). We have been in Santa Marta for 12 years (after waiting 6 years married in Bogotá), growing the church of Christ and growing spiritually. Patience is the first thing I’ve learned. God has His time, His ways, and nothing is done without the will of God.

By Patty

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