Our Strategy: Reproduction – Be Fruitful and Multiply

Mission Santa Marta has adopted a strategy of reproduction and multiplication.

Reproduction – Everything we do in ministry is intentionally designed to be reproducible – that is, those we are reaching and training are able to reproduce what they have received from us and in the same manner we have shared it. This is a key element in all ministry.

Multiplication–In ministry addition is one or a few reaching others (Acts 2:41, 47). In multiplication, many people reach others and continue the process for multiple generations. We use a strategy of intentional multiplication, placing as much emphasis on the second, third, and fourth generation disciples as we do on the first generation. We will accomplish the multiplication by using small groups, discipleship courses, conferences and retreats. If every member of the church brings just one person to the church every three months the church could double every three months. WOW!

Radical growth requires radical changes, however. This type of consistent, intentional multiplication can only be achieved in an atmosphere of discipleship, small group and individual training, and leadership development. The good news is that the strategy of reproduction and multiplication is not a formula or method, can be adapted to any situation, location, or culture, and costs absolutely nothing! Please pray for radical growth in the church.