June 2017 Newsletter

Greetings from Santa Marta!

A lot has been going on since our last newsletter. The old newsletter system was way above my head and I didn’t have the tech skills to run it. In March, while in San Diego, a young, tech savvy woman volunteered to put a new web page together for us. We are still under construction and we will be learning as we go. We will be publishing a newsletter in English and in Spanish. We intend to have a blog in both English and Spanish, also. So here we go.

In November, 2016, Patty and I visited San Diego to see Candy and also to pick up Patty’s “green card.” She is now a permanent resident. The next step is citizenship. It was a great trip seeing some of the people we wanted to spend time with, but unfortunately we weren’t to see everyone. Compared to the temperatures in Santa Marta, San Diego was freezing! Next week Patty will go to Bogotá to have her fingerprints and photo taken to be sent to the USCIS to be checked and stored. I guess after that when Gibbs (NCIS) does a facial recognition it will pass by Patty’s photo. This fingerprinting and photo are part of her citizenship process.

We just completed one year in the church’s new home. It is much larger than where we were for 11 years. As we grow we will be able to better use the building. There are several classrooms that we use each Sunday morning for teaching an hour before the service. The five courses range from the new believers to finding your mission in life.

Our youth, most of whom grew up in the church, have taken over several ministries: the worship team, the youth group and the children’s Sunday school. They are a great, hard working group of young adults. We are really blessed to have them working to spread God’s Word. They also participate in a children’s ministry in a nearby neighborhood called  “A seed of wheat” (Semilla de trigo). We meet with 25 kids from 4-14 each Saturday for play time, Bible lesson and refreshments.

Please pray for:

  1. Continued growth of the church both numerically and spiritually.
  2. Citizenship process for both Patty and Candy.
  3. The health of the leaders of the church.
  4. More opportunities to spread the Good News to those who don’t know Jesus as their Savior.

Please check out the web page at www.missionsantamarta.org and leave your contact information.

Glenn and Patty

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  1. I’m very fortunate to be in a Bible study once a week with Pastor Glenn and two of my good friends. I have the opportunity to learn more of the Bible with three other men who know a lot more than myself. I look forward to Thursday morning every week and leave the study feeling invigorated and know a little bit more each week.

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