God Has a Purpose for Your Life

God has a purpose for your life!

Have you ever thought about why you are here? Ever wondered if there is a purpose for your being here? I believe that God has a purpose for everyone created. We may not understand what that purpose is or how events in our lives tie together to bring us closer to understanding that purpose, but God does.

Last Sunday we had a very different kind of day.

Early in the morning we received a phone call from a cousin of Patty saying the roof of their house had caved in, at 6:39 AM, under the weight of water that accumulated during a downpour. The part of the roof that fell was directly over the bed of their six-year-old son. He was unhurt. Their one-year-old son was sleeping on top of the mom when the roof gave way. The father, hearing the first sounds, threw himself on top of the baby and mom, saving them. He needed 28 stitches in his head and he also received heavy bruises on his arms and legs. Mom and babe didn’t have a scratch. The roof was made of corrugated cement and asbestos, supported by a 2×4 about 10-12 feet long, meaning it was pretty heavy. So where was God’s purpose?

We went to visit in the afternoon. Friends and family had cleaned the mess up by then. It was miracle that only the husband had been injured. Patty and I asked if we could pray for the family. Sure, was the answer! But, before we prayed we shared the Good News of Jesus Christ and four people prayed to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. That was the God’s purpose in all this. The roof needed to be supported better and those four people needed a personal relationship with Jesus. Probably, God knew these folks needed a crisis to see the need for Christ in their life.

After the phone call we got ready and went to church for the Sunday morning service. Shortly after we started, Patty, our lead singer, disappeared from the platform. In short order she returned and asked forgiveness for interrupting the service and asked me for the phone number of an ambulance service. One of the church members had collapsed and needed some help. An usher came into the sanctuary and asked two men to go out and carry the woman to the ambulance. As it turned out the woman had chest pains which caused the collapse and after a time of observation was released from the clinic in the early afternoon. Where was God’s purpose?

One of the two guys who carried the woman to the ambulance, a strapping 24-year-old, was in the church for the very first time – his first time ever in any church. He told me afterwards that he wanted to get right with God. What a great way to start his walk with the Lord than to help someone in need. God uses events to work together for His Glory, not ours.

God has a plan and uses all things together for His glory. When unexpected events occur, look for God’s hand in those events and look for a way to use those events for His purpose.



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