April 2018

Greetings from Santa Marta!

Happy New Year.

We are still calling it New Year because we have been on the run since the calendar turned over to 2018.

A few items from last year:

In November we finally located a new home for the church. We had been looking for some time but hadn’t found anything suitable and in our price range. Where the church was located was just too big for us and was way above our price range. The new home is on the same street just a block away from the old home, so we still maintain a presence in the neighborhood. It required some fixing up and repair water pipes, faucets and relocating lights and switches. Slowly but surely we have most things worked out.

During the last service in the old church we introduced a project called Win Our World (WOW) or in Spanish “Gana nuestro mundo”. We are calling it WOW because GNM doesn’t work as well as WOW. We have a large banner in the entrance to the church where anyone can write the names of people whose salvation is being prayed for by the person writing the name. When the person receives Christ as Lord and Savior I draw a cross in red in front of the name. So far we have over two hundred names on the banner and to date have put a dozen red crosses there.

With lower rent on the new church home we are able to concentrate on building up the number of small groups; sharing God’s Word with neighbors and on the WOW banner.

This year has been very busy. In January Patty had surgery to remove a lump in her breast. The surgery went well and we were able to see the hand of God in this process. The initial biopsy showed cancer cells. After the operation there were no cancer cells. Another mammogram was negative. The doctor asked if she had had radiation or chemo – the answer was no, but God is the great doctor and He healed her. A miracle!

We were able to see Candy for a week in early April. We were not able to get around to see the folks we wanted to see. Maybe next time we’ll have more time.

We are planning our next trip for May 18 for 3 weeks. Patty’s citizenship interview is scheduled for May 22. As soon as she passes the test we will apply for an expedited passport.

Another goal for 2018 is to get more people involved in studying the bible through the 94 Emmaus Bible Institute distance learning courses we have available.

Prayer requests:

  • Continued success in sharing the gospel and bringing many new believers to Christ.
  • Using the new home to build Christ’s church.
  • Spiritual and numerical growth in the church.
  • A successful citizenship interview for Patty.
  • Health for both Patty and I.

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